How agile teams can get DevOps right: 3 Principles and essential steps

Dan, DevOps Artisan
Dan, DevOps Artisan February 17 2021 #DevOps

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In general, the agile teams in DevOps focus on a project that is in continuous improvement to optimize performance, cost, and speed delivery.


What do agile teams stand for in DevOps? 

An efficient team is based on good collaboration between its members, even if they have different expertise areas. DevOps brings together development, operations, and quality assurance for a faster, better, and perfectly matched project throughout time.

Principles of an efficient process in DevOps

  • arrow Well defined roles play an important part in taking responsibility to ensure the team delivers the most value to their customer. 
  • arrow Automating is the key to faster development of the "software engine" of the project. Gaining the ability to respond to customer feedback immediately means to rapidly modify depending on the market requests.
  • arrow Another advantage to an agile team in DevOps is to have the ability to stay always open to learning new things. Some business areas require specific details to integrate into the process until these specifics become a "common language". For example, check out our Machine Learning Courses.
  • Working as one entity, DevOps is developing "on the go" intelligent software design, automating and securing, testing and improving, monitoring and reviewing, all based on the customer's needs.

Essential steps for getting DevOps right

  • arrow The briefing must be made with the most relevant materials and data structures based on the analysis. Further research on the matter is done to gather enough information about the project to start the conceptual design. This part clarifies among the team what's the best and close to the customer's business interest. 
  • arrow Mapping through sprints is the next step that gives an outline for what needs to be done, along with the options that could bring a different approach to the initial ideas.
  • arrow Automating everything that is possible to automate it's the way to move faster in the process of any step and a way to get faster results and better options and not at least, never to get stuck on loops.
  • arrow Analyzing every part of the process helps the team to optimize continuously. Reviewing the process, it's always required to get the best results in the real-time manner of an open project.
  • arrow Securing at any checkpoint is the project's empowerment and, sometimes, even generates the right ways to fix any possible mistake.
  • arrow Using agile teams for choosing the right mix of tools is required, but it has to be done without affecting the DevOps Culture.


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