Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and the Chaos testing methodology

Alex Stan
Alex Stan December 02 2020 #sre

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Are you interested in learning how you can increase your company’s reliability, when it comes to its systems and services? If your answer is yes, Alex Stan, our expert engineer, is here to help you learn the key aspects of SRE - Site Reliability Engineering.

What is Site Reliability Engineering?

Site Reliability Engineering
is an engineering discipline, devoted to helping organizations sustainably achieve the appropriate level of reliability in their systems, services and products. It represents a framework for operating large scale systems reliably.


The webinar is focused not only on theory, but also on a live experiment that will surely make things not only clearer, but also interactive and easy to apply in your daily job. The experiment is part of the Chaos testing methodology, an approach for learning how your system behaves by applying a discipline of exploration. Chaos engineering uses experiments to analyze a particular system - and how can you really prove your theories, if not by experimenting?

Watch the webinar and you will learn more about:

  • Site Reliability Engineering and Chaos testing methodology.
  • How to use a Kubernetes cluster which is running different kinds of services.
  • How to proactively test how a system/service responds under stress in order to identify and fix failures before they appear in production.

At the end of the webinar, our trainer Alex Stan has a surprise in store: he will run a small application deployment inside a Kubernetes cluster, then create some policies which can delete specific parts and test the resilience of the app. Join him and get to discover the benefits of Site Reliability Engineering and the advantages of Chaos testing methodology.

If you want to learn more about Site Reliability Engineering register now for our course:

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