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By the end of your training, if you don’t see any benefit in it for you or your team, you can always apply for a full, 100% refund.
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Proven experts

Our trainers are certified experts, who have trained large teams at top companies such as Atos, and UiPath. Not only do they have a wide experience with Cisco, Microsoft, VMware (Authorized Learning Partner), Linux, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Citrix, IBM, ITIL®, RedHat, Adobe, Avaya, Dell-SonicWall, EMC, HP, Juniper and SAP, but they are also engineers at the core. That’s why we take practice very seriously.

Learn best by doing

Doing is the best way of learning. We deliver the theory in quick, bite-sized classes, and focus more on practical challenges. Our balanced mix of knowledge & practice enables you to learn at hyper speed, address known issues, and implement the know-how effectively in your everyday job.

Step-by-step guidance

We have already done most of the work for you. All the best practices, tools, and apps are available every step of the way so you can finish the projects in time and with optimum results: Docker, Git, Selenium, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, Nagios - you name it.

Virtual environment for practice

Your “playground” is already set for practice. We provide multi-platform implementation in all cloud environments - AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It’s how we make sure you leverage your learnings into actual well-done work. 

Validated know-how

We have held and delivered live virtual courses across 5 continents from the safety of our laptops and whiteboards, as we are specialized in delivering live virtual courses and we take great pride in saying that our team of trainers are, first of all, engineers or developers.

Affordable investment

We’re committed to creating the best value for any DevOps out there. By delivering our courses online, we’ve managed to reduce on-prem training time by 70% and adjusted costs so you can pay less and learn more. By the end of your training, if you don’t see any benefit in it for you or your team, you can always apply for a full, 100% refund.

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This course enables students to use Terraform for defining infrastructure as code and automating infrastructure deployment.



This course is one of the most popular infrastructure provisioning tools in the market.

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What you’ll learn

Learn how to deploy virtual instances in public clouds with Terraform.

  • What is Terraform, how we got to the DevOps era, and a quick glance at Terraform
  • Positioning Terraform: Defining Infrastructure as Code, scripts, configuration management tools, server templating tools, server provisioning tools, comparing Terraform to other tools
  • Terraform Architecture: Terraform language paradigm, workflow overview, environment parity, cloud Providers and how Terraform works
  • Installation and Getting Started: Preparing the environment with examples for Linux, Windows and MacOS, and major code elements in Terraform configuration files
  • Terraform Configurations Overview: Configuring providers, preparing authentication credentials, regions and Availability Zones/Domains, deploying a server in AWS, updating an existing server, deploying a virtual network in OCI, and inputs and outputs
  • Providers, Resources and More: Managing providers and versions, working with multiple identical providers in multiple regions, more resource creation examples, and decommissioning virtual infrastructure
  • Post Configuration, Syntax: Post-configuration tools: provisioners, provisioners types, usage, behaviors, functions in HCL, the Terraform Console, and recreating common construct behaviors: loops, conditionals
  • Terraform States: Terraform states overview, analyzing the contents of state files, sharing state files, securing and locking shared state files, and read-only state
  • Using modules: basics, inputs, outputs, modules and paths, module usage best practices, and adding and initializing modules from various sources
  • Using Variables: Variables stored in files, environment variables, and securing variables
  • Tips and Tricks: Miscellaneous helpful tips, command-line options that lend a hand in writing IaC, and code options for better control of the infrastructure

About this course

2 days | 11 lessons | 207 students enrolled

Hashicorp’s Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure provisioning tools in the market, supporting multiple cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, etc.).

This course enables students to use Terraform for defining infrastructure as code and automating infrastructure deployment – improving operational efficiency, lowering administrative overhead, and reducing the chance of human error.


Prerequisites for Terraform Fundamentals:

  •  Familiarity with the Linux command line (commands, arguments, variables, working with files and directories, using text editors)
  • Basic TCP/IP networking (IP addressing, subnets, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge about cloud-based IaaS architecture and terminology (VM instances, VPCs/VCNs, load balancers, security rules, etc.)

Note: Every student has assigned to him his own virtual lab environment setup.

Information about the Terraform  certification:

This online course is designed to prepare for the exam certification in order to become a certified Professional Automation Engineer.

To attend this course, you need to have:
  • PC/Laptop with internet access
  • Updated web browser


Andrei Ciorba

With a strong background in computer science and a focus on networking, Andrew has been delivering Cisco training for over 5 years. As DevOps is the latest and greatest buzzword methodology, for the past 2 years he has also turned to DevOps training.
He has gradually migrated from the networking world to the DevOps one, and acquired many valuable certifications, such as expert-level CCIE, or CISSP for information security and VMware VCP. He is also a Docker Certified Associate in container technologies, a Google Professional Cloud Architect, and a Terraform Certified Associate from Hashicorp, for cloud-based Infrastructure-as-Code. All that means that he can bring unique insights and experience when teaching students about custom Docker, Docker Advanced or Terraform. Many of his 1000+ students so far have successfully used the knowledge they gained through his training sessions to get either certifications or promotions (or both).

  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • VMware


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