Take this assessment and find out if you’re a Training & Development Leader or a Laggard


According to the Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning, 74% of respondents to a long-term research project felt they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to a lack of L&D opportunities.

Constantly reskilling your current software development and testing workforce to operate faster and more efficiently should be at the top of your training priorities.

Even if you have the right mindset and openness to look beyond the traditional in-person training, you may not yet possess the right set of skills to demonstrate the bottom-line value of the training programs you decided to run. Identify your current status by taking this quick assessment. Find out if you are already a great L&D leader or on the right path to become a great learning and development manager. 

Why should you take this quick assessment?

  • - to find out if you are a proactive learning and development manager
  • - to get insights about what you should do next to improve your skills 
  • - to identify if you are a training manager who is anchored with the latest software development methodologies

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